Liquids + Solids

Fine Soups and Sandwiches. Liquids+Solids culinary innovations is a food development & production company located in, & servicing the Lower Mainland. Specializing in local, all-natural bulk & retail- packaged finished goods, we take our commitment to food integrity seriously. We constantly strive to maintain the delicate balance between affordability, convenience & accessibility of quality ingredients on behalf of our clients..


We will remain open, albeit with reduced operating hours and only on a take-out basis or delivery via Ubereats. Our retail packaged “take-home” soups will be available as always in both locations, but please expect the occasional sold out flavours as sales of these soups have recently increased due to the recent need for many of us to isolate.


Mon. – Fri: 9AM – 5PM //  Sat. – Sun: Closed

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